Package Mata-Mata - 5 days / 4 nights
                  1 survival night

Day 1

We pick you up in your hostel at 0730:am to the Rio Preto village (80kms by road). Leaving in a motorized canoe to the Malocas Jungle Lodge. On arrival at the Lodge we will be received by the local staff that will show you your accommodation.


Lunch around 13H: regional food made of delicious Amazonian fishes.

After lunch, we will visit one of our Caboclos neighbors who still live in similar conditions to their Indian ancestors. Progressively, you will learn how to survive in the jungle thanks to useful plants (to eat, to take care of yourself, to build a shelter).

Dinner around 19h.


At night, you will have the possibility to leave the lodge with your guide to “hunt” the alligators. 



Day 2

After breakfast you will go on a jungle trek. Discovery of a new eco-system and bath in one the waterfalls that surround the Malocas. After lunch, you could rest a bit before leaving to fish piranhas. If you are successful you could taste them at dinner…


After dinner, maybe you will have the opportunity to hear some Caboclos or Indians stories around the fire.



Day 3

Birds observation at sunrise (please ask to your guide if you are willing to do this activity). After breakfast you will go by canoe and then bytrekking in the jungle (different eco system) to another waterfall where you can take a bath. You will have the possibility (depending on the weather) to lunch in front of the waterfall on a fire. Then you will trek back to the lodge, where you can rest, take a bath, go on a canoe tripor fish on your own.


Dinner and fire camp.



Day 4 & 5

After breakfast, you will go on a personalized jungle trek : depending on your preference and after speaking with your guide, you go on a trek focused either on plants, animals, flowers, birds, or trees… You will be back at the lodge for lunch and then you will prepare your departure to the survival night (you can also choose with your guide to leave directly after the breakfast). You and your guide will experiment an immersion  in the deep jungle for one night. You will be able to discover how you can use the Amazonian environment to survive, while respecting it.


After a dinner made on the fire, you will be able to feel the jungle atmosphere at night, lulled in your hammock by the sounds of the nature….


Back to the lodge for lunch, farewell to the Malocas and arrival in Manaus around 5:00pm.




Your guide might switch the order of the activities depending on the weather conditions and also on your physical shape. We guarantee you that every activity will be done though