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3 rivers adventure pack

  7 days / 6 nights

1st DAY

Departure from your hotel in Manaus at  07:30am. We will travel 80km by road to the city of Rio Preto da Eva. Then we boarded a motorized canoe; 1h journey to reach Malocas Lodge. Reception and installation. Lunch. Departure to visit the native's house (descendants of the Indians and Portuguese) who live in the hunting, fishing and cultivation of various plants, including manioc. Return to the Lodge. Dinner at 7pm. Afterwards, a night tour in a canoe, fauna observation noturna, especially the alligators.

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2nd DAY

Wake up early to see the sunrise, ride in a rowing canoe at 5am. Breakfast and then departure for a walk in the forest. Your guide will explain to you about medicinal plants and how to live using only what we find in the forest. Waterfall bath and return to the Lodge.

3rd DAY

After breakfast, walk in the forest (new path and visit to another waterfall), lunch. Exit for survival; overnight in the forest sleeping in hammocks. Improvised dinner at the campfire.

4th day

After breakfast, walk back to the Lodge.

                 5 th day

In the morning we organize ourselves to leave Malocas, going down the Rio Preto da Eva towards the great Amazon River. We will leave in a motorized canoe. Dinner will be improvised on the banks of the river and the overnight stay will also be improvised on the banks of the river or at a native's house.

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            6° dia

After the morning, we will explore the lakes area, a place rich in fauna. Lunch and tour according to local conditions.

We leave in a regional boat towards Manaus;  the boat is not private and makes several stops for the entry and descent of the natives who live on the banks of the river. Overnight in hammocks, meal on board.


                                     7th day

We arrived in Manaus very early (5AM), time to have coffee at the market, end of the tour.


OPTIONAL : At 9:00 AM we board speedboats to participate in a tourist tour: Day tour Swimming with dolphins. In this tour you will get to know the sights of the meeting of the waters, Janauary ecological park, Vitórias Regias, lunch in a floating restaurant, sail on the Rio Negro to a place to observe the pink dolphins (eventually swim with dolphins) and visit an indigenous community that will welcome you with its rituals. Return to Manaus at 5 pm at the Port of Manaus.


The order of activities can be modified depending on the weather and your fitness. In the 7 days program we will visit several places that never received tourists, simple people with their typical houses.

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